10 Min ARM Workout | Dumbbells

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10 Min ARM Workout | Dumbbells – Join this workout and start building muscle. Follow along with Chris Heria aas he shows you Get Bigger Arms From Home. Learn How to Hit Every Muscle in your arms by combining calisthenics and dumbbells to get some insane results from this workout.

Why should you care about a strong upper body – 10 Min ARM Workout | Dumbbells

Popeye-esque arms can help your shirts fit differently, but the benefits of a strong upper body go far beyond aesthetics. For starters, increasing muscle mass anywhere on your body brings benefits such as increased metabolism, stronger bones, and a healthier heart.

1. it can be an indicator of your overall health

But upper body strength can be especially important for overall health. “Grip strength – a component of upper body strength – can actually be used as an indicator of risk for all-cause mortality, disability and morbidity,” MacPherson says.

It can also serve as a predictor of cardiovascular health. In a February 2019 study in the journal Nutrition, Obesity and Exercise, men who could do at least 40 push-ups in 30 seconds had a lower risk of heart attack, heart failure and other cardiovascular disease than those who could do fewer than 10.

2. Functional upper-body strength helps prevent injury

Carvajal emphasizes the functional nature of upper body strength, saying it becomes increasingly important as people age if they want to remain independent. “A healthy, strong upper body transfers to real-world situations,” he says. “For example, putting a (heavy) box on a shelf or lifting a child when there’s no one around to help.”

If you lack the strength to do these activities and do them anyway, your lower back, lats, traps and other surrounding muscles need to compensate so you can move the way you want or need to, says Jackie Wilson, founder and CEO of NOVA Fitness. Unfortunately, over time, this can lead to overuse injuries, pain and tightness.

3. It can propel you toward any fitness goal

Don’t get this wrong: Upper body strength is not more important than leg strength. But it is just as important. “Balanced overall strength from head to toe will help you achieve any fitness goal,” says Jackie Vick, CSCS, trainer at Gold’s Gym.

No sport exemplifies this more than running. In running, it may be your legs that propel you, but a strong upper body and core are necessary to help long-distance runners maintain good posture and form while accumulating miles, Dr. Conrad says. And an April 2018 study in the Strength and Conditioning Journal suggests that strong arms help sprinters generate the power they need to move forward quickly.

The bottom line: whether your goal is to look good, stay injury-free, live longer and healthier, or run faster, a strong upper body can help you achieve it.

Workout Structure – 10 Min ARM Workout | Dumbbells:

  • Workout: For the number of repetitions see below
  • 3-4 rounds to complete the workout



  • 1:45 Handstand push ups X 10
  • 2:29 Rear delt flys X 15
  • 3:18 Lateral raises X 15


  • 4:18 Bench dips X 15
  • 5:04 Overhead tricep extensions X15
  • 5:47 Skull crushers X 15


  • 6:38 Hammer curls X 15
  • 7:57 Pronated curls X 15
  • 8:40 Supinated Bicep curls X 15


  • 9:32 Pronated wrist curls X 15
  • 10:14 Supinated wrist curls X 15

Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench

We recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles.

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