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Pamela Reif

For this 20 MIN Flat Belly & Booty Workout you don’t need any specific gym equimpment. You train with this workout your abs and booty!

Why you should strengthen your core muscles

When you think of core strength, imagine a flat stomach and six-pack of abs? Then it’s time for us to change your perspective. Because a strong core has many more advantages. Everything from everyday tasks such as putting on socks, tying shoelaces, weight lifting and fitness training – all this requires your core muscles. The stronger they are built, the better you will perform. So let’s go deeper into the subject and find out what really lies behind a good set of abdominal muscles.

Core muscles include the rectus abdominis, inner and external oblique, the erector spinae and the pelvic floor muscles. They form the central connection between your upper and lower body and are responsible for ensuring the stability of the spine and pelvis. The core muscles are essential for the movement of energy from the larger to the smaller parts of the body and therefore, as you can imagine, play an important role in sports.

Having a strong core will not only affect your SitUp record. It can also have a positive effect on your physical well-being. Some of the benefits of core training:

  • Stabilize lower back
  • Improvement of balance, coordination, posture and brain performance
  • Improving flexibility
  • Run faster

Why it’s important to have a strong booty – besides looking good

Strong booty = strong core = strong back

The two A’s protect your back – your abs and your ass. It’s not possible to succeed at one without winning with the others. As a consequence of many hours of sitting, many people suffer from poor posture. Tight, shortened hip flexors, weak, over strechted hip extensors and glutes (booty) that forget how to activate properly all contribute to the most commonly observed postural deviations: swayback and kyphosis-lordosis.

A strong booty support your lower back. When your booty is not strong enough to perform their hip extension function, muscles that weren’t designed for the function will take over. Over time, these other muscles may become overstrained, resulting in pain and compression in the lumbar spine, hips and kees.

Because your booty muscles are also hip stabilizer, weak glutes can result in poor position of the enitre lower body, leaving you vulnerable to injuries like anterior cruciate ligament sprains (ACL), shin splints, tears and iliotibial (IT) band syndrome.

Protect your knees, lower back, hips and ankles by strengthening your booty muscles with this workout.

The gluteal muscles is the biggest human muscle and is capable of generating enormous power. This power can be transformed into speed, acceleration, vertical distance and endurance. Training the booty to extend powerfully and move body forwards is key to improving your ability to jump and run.


  1. Crunch with leg lift
  2. Bicycle crunch
  3. Reverse crunch
  4. Leg lift
  5. Jack knife
  6. Flutter kicks
  7. Scisssor kicks
  8. Reverse crunch
  9. Heel touches
  10. Russian Twist
  11. Cross crunch
  12. Cross reach left
  13. Reverse crunch
  14. Roll in
  15. Bicycle Crunch
  16. Side plank pull left
  17. Side plank hold
  18. Side plank pull right
  19. Side plank hold
  20. Rest
  21. One leg glute bridge right
  22. Mountain climber
  23. One leg glute bridge left
  24. Cross spider plank
  25. Mountain climber
  26. Glute bridge
  27. Close glute bridge
  28. One leg glute bridge right
  29. One leg glute bridge left
  30. Mountain climber
  31. Rest
  32. Alternating frog kicks
  33. Frog kicks
  34. Booty flutter kicks
  35. Booty toe taps
  36. Straight leg circles right
  37. Straight leg circles left
  38. Frog kicks
  39. Booty flutter kicks
  40. Booty toe taps
  41. Leg hold

Training Goals:

  • booty
  • core


  • Avoid a hollow back, i.e. press your lower back against the floor during the exercises
  • Make sure your back is straight
  • Pay attention to the correct foot position
  • Pay attention to the correct foot load

Equipment: Mat (recommended)

We recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles.

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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