No Jumps No Squats No Lunges

Pamela Reif

This 30 MIN Booty Workout will not make you completely exhausted. However, this workout will specifically train your booty and your hamstring. Pamela Reif uses a resistance band for this workout. Depending on your fitness level you can control the intensity of the workout by using different resistance band categories. Of course you can do this workout without equipment. Pamela Reif talks you through all the exercises, gives you tips on how she does the exercises, explains what’s important when training booty.

Training Goal – 30 MIN Booty Workout:

  • Grow a bigger booty

Training Guide:

  • Avoid hollow back
  • Make sure your back is straight
  • Pay attention to the correct foot position
  • Pay attention to the correct foot load
  • Start with none or with the light category of the Resistance Band

Equipment: Mat (recommended), Resistance band (optional)

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