7 Min Home Workout To Strengthen Lower Back

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7 Min Home Workout To Strengthen Lower Back – Join Osvaldo Lugones as he shows you a Home Workout Routine to strengthen your Lower Back. Learn how to build a stronger lower back with bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere even at home.

Benefits of a strong lower back

The strength and primal nature of the lower back muscles mean that being strong in this particular area is more about function than shape. They’re not superficial muscles that make you look good, but they do help improve your health. Lower back pain is incredibly common for a variety of reasons, including sitting jobs, poor posture, and improper movement. Strong lower back muscles will help address these causes and prevent injury. You’ll also be able to improve your performance in the gym and in other sports like running, soccer, or basketball. In addition, strong, healthy lower back muscles will help keep you mobile as you get older, so you can still dance on the floor when you’re 90 and retired.

Warm Up Structure – 7 Min Home Workout To Strengthen Lower Back:

  • Warm Up: 45 sec Active 15 Sec Rest
  • One Set Per exercise

Warum Up

  • Low plank toe taps (45 sec)
  • reverse plank raises (45 sec)
  • low plank knees to elbow (45 sec)
  • reverse laying leg raises (45 sec)
  • side to side low plank (45 sec)
  • superman pumps (45 sec)

Equipment: Mat (optional)

We recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles.

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