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BACK WORKOUT AT HOME – another 5min follow along workout with Rowan. He is showing 6 different exercises to train your back at home without any equipment. You will get a nice v-shape in a short period of time if you follow it three or four times per week. Make sure to execute the movement correctly. The ab routine takes 5mins.

Back Workout (each exercise 30sec, 15sec rest, repeat the whole program 3-4 times):

  1. Reverse snow angels
  2. Back extension (towel)
  3. Back hyperextension
  4. Pulse rows
  5. Supermans
  6. Back widow

Training Goals:

  • V-Shape Taper
  • Improved posture
  • Prevent lower back pain

Why is back training so important?

A strong and healthy back musculature is important for an upright posture. It supports the trunk and thus relieves the spinal column and the intervertebral discs. An active back workout includes various exercises to strengthen the back muscles and to relieve and prevent back pain.

Equipment: no equipment

We recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles.

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