Explanatory video by Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda

How To Build A Big Chest – Simeon explains his chest training program and guides you through the individual exercises. Simeon points out the most important things like correct execution, breathing and the relation between weight and number of repetitions. First he starts with a warm-up routine.

How to warm up your rotator – cuff

  • Standing dumbbell external rotation (This will strengthen the small muscles of the rotator cuff, which will make your shoulder joint more stable for those heavier lifts reducing the chance of acute injury during lifting sessions or every day activity)

How To Build A Big Chest – The Workout

  1. Bench press
  2. Dumbbell flys (no bend in elbows – avoid)
  3. Dumbell flys (bending elbows – do this)
  4. Parallel bar dips (leaning forward – target chest)
  5. Cable fly variations
  6. The real cable crossover

Why chest training is important

The movements of the chest muscles are primarily used to pull the arm horizontally and to rotate the shoulder internally (apart from raising or lowering the arm). This information will prove helpful when we explain the different training variations at a later date.

While all attention is focused on the large chest muscle, the small chest muscle is also an important muscle group, but more to prevent injury than to improve performance or look good.

The small chest muscle is responsible for tilting the shoulder blade forward. If you look at how the muscle is attached to the rib cage, it becomes clear how it is responsible for pulling the shoulder blades up and forward.

Training Goals:

  • strong chest


  • chest dips – lean forward and elbows wide (avoid triceps dips, where elbows are close and your body is straight up/down)
  • warm up your rotator cuff

Equipment: Dumbells, barbell, dip bar

We recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles.

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