How To Do Your First Pull Up | 0-20 Reps

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How To Do Your First Pull Up – Join this workout and start building muscle. Follow along with Chris Heria as he shows you how to do your first Pull Up and Increase your Reps. Learn new techniques and tips to get your first pull up and increase your reps fast and the most efficient way.

4 Advantages of pull-ups:

1. Functional Strength

Every day, as human beings, we do a variety of movements, such as standing, walking, pushing, pulling, rotating, turning, etc. Through improving your functional strength through dynamic compound exercises such as pull-ups, you will strengthen the relationship between your nervous and muscular systems.

2. Better Posture

You can achieve better posture when you strengthen your back and core muscles. When your posture improves, you will look longer and leaner.

3. Reduced Back Pain

So many people sit on the drive to work, sit in front of a computer all day. You may even sit on the couch when you’re at home. All of this cumulative sitting increases the amount of physiological stress on your back. By strengthening your back and core muscles with the pull-up, you reduce the risk of getting back pain and injury in the future.

4. Improved Physique

Want to look good in your tank top? Pull-ups help you define your back and biceps and tone your core. All of this will make your waist look smaller. For men, it can also help you create that “V” shape.

Workout Structure:

  • Workout: Chris Heria explains techniques and provides tips to get your first pull up and increase your reps fast and the most efficient way.

Equipment: Pull Up Bar

We recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles.

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