Short but intense homework for your back

Frank Medrano

This No Equipment Home Back Workout strengthens your back and thus protects against back pain, slipped discs and bad posture. You can do this workout whenever and wherever you like, because you need no equipment – only your bodyweight. The video is follow along which means you can just follow whatever Frank Medrano is doing in real time.

The HIIT workout consists of following exercises:

  1. SLIDING FLOOR PULL-UPS (15reps x 3)
  2. BACK WIDOW (15reps x 3)
  3. FLOOR PULL UP (15reps x 3)
  4. REVERSE SNOW ANGELS (15reps x 3)
  5. BACK EXTENSION (15reps x 3)

5 good reasons for a strong back through regular back training

  1. Stay fit and able to work
  2. Regaining quality of life
  3. Do something good for the psyche
  4. Strengthen health
  5. Back training to prevent pain

Training Goals:

  • strengthen your back
  • Burn calories
  • avoid back pain

Tips for the No Equipment Home Back Workout:

  • If you need more breaks – TAKE THEM!

Equipment: Mat (optional)

We recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles.

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